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Founded in 2018, with 15 years of combined experience, we set out to deliver high quality and effective digital marketing services at a cost effective rate.

Putting our clients first, we seek to grow and improve the journey and experience that is undertaken by both the client and their customers.

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Ben Hartman

I was introduced to social marketing while in 6th form, selling sporting goods through Facebook and eBay ads. After university I joined Stephen in developing my skills to focus on turning what I love, the analytical aspect of marketing and understanding what actions need to be taken to achieve client goals. 

Though multi-faceted, the main focus of my work is analytics, recognising that though a campaign may have exceptional creatives, key is the need to analysis the numbers and keep tweaking the strategy to ensure optimisation and Return on Investment.

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Stephen Hartman

Since university I have been involved with marketing campaigns from print and brand launches to full building launches and online campaigns. Over the last few years I have particularly focused on Digital Marketing which combines together my love for all things marketing and digital. I’m passionate about how small changes digitally can make an impact in a client’s KPIs.

My day to day focused on developing, implementing and managing digital marketing campaigns that promote a company and its products/ services; enhancing brand awareness within the digital space, as well as driving website traffic and acquiring leads/ customers.

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